Polands President signs Sunday Law

Posted on Feb 03 2018

In a move that will no doubt be carefully watched by other European countries, Poland’s President Andrzej Duda signed a law today that limits trade on Sundays. In a country where 88 percent of the people profess the Roman Catholic faith, the new law received wide support from church leaders who argue it will greatly benefit the family life of Polish workers. Enforcement of the Sunday law will be gradually phased in between March 1st and 2020. 

What happens in Poland should not be dismissed as insignificant to the rest of Europe and the world. Remember, the fall of communism began with a movement in Poland. 

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Polish President Andrzej Duda on Tuesday signed into law a bill that largely limits trade on Sundays, saying it will benefit employees’ family life.

The legislation, worked out by the conservative government and the Solidarity trade union, is expected to draw protests from large Western supermarket chains that are the main target of the law. A large part of their profit is earned on weekends, when many do their big weekly shop. Critics say some of them make employees work long hours for modest pay.

As of March 1, shops and markets will be closed on two Sundays each month. Only one Sunday a month will be open for trading in 2019, and starting in 2020 the legislation applies to all Sundays except major holidays.
Article taken from: https://amredeemed.com