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"Christ is the fountain; the church is the channel of communication" Acts of the Apostles, p. 122.

The Indiana Conference Communication Team is comprised of conference personnel, local church communication leaders, bulletin secretaries, pastors, teachers and lay members who are dedicated to facilitating the flow of information and news that at the core are all about our mission. What a blessing each person is who contributes in this sharing process.

Though I (Van Hurst) carry the title of communication director, much of the work is done by two of our office staff. Sheri Dewitt has been responsible for the layout and design of the Conference Connection, as well as working with the conference website. Kortnye Hurst functions as our managing editor of the Conference Connection, and she is our liaison with the Lake Union to supply stories and news articles for the Lake Union Herald. We have been blessed as a conference during the past four years to have these people give leadership to our communication needs.

The communication team plans to continue to serve the Indiana Conference in the following ways.

Public Relations

1. Continue to update and improve our Web site so that a plethora of helpful information will be quickly accessible to all who visit. Each church and school affiliated with the Indiana Conference has a presence on the site along with each of our departments here in the office.

2. Interface with the public on behalf of the Adventist church and its message, endeavoring to place our messages in the best possible light and have them heard correctly.

3. Facilitate media needs in crises to insure an immediate and correct response to the public in crisis situations.


1. Continue to produce the Conference Connection, the quarterly official Conference newsletter, which is distributed free of charge to approximately 3,500 homes of members for the purpose of unifying and coordinating our efforts.

2. Contribute to the Lake Union Herald, the official monthly magazine of the Lake Union Conference, to communicate Conference news to other world members.

3. Process announcements for significant birthdays, anniversaries, births and obituaries for publication in the Lake Union Herald.

Education and Resources

1. Provide training opportunities for local church communication leaders, pastors, and teachers, in venues such as camp meeting workshops.

2. Pass on resource materials to assist local church communication leaders in understanding the significance of their ministry.

3. Support pastors, teachers, church communication leaders and bulletin secretaries, and disseminate news and information throughout the Conference.

We will continue to look for new ways to communicate more effectively to our church family as well as our communities as new technologies and resources become available to us. I encourage you to partner with the Conference communication team to help spread the wonderful news about Jesus and His soon return.


Sabbath Time

Place: Shelbyville, IN

Start: 09:14 PM, 06/21/2024

End: 09:14 PM, 06/22/2024