Shelbyville Seventh-day Adventist Church


        Pastor Fred Troxell



 Pastor Troxell is the pastor here at the Shelbyville church and pastors the Irvington church as well.



Tom Hinton – Head Elder



Tom Hinton has been a member of the Shelbyville SDA Church for over 30 years.  Tom is currently our head elder. A former marine, Tom has a love for the Lord that is quite evident in his sermons. Tom is married to Sheila (also a member of the SDA family) and has 4 children and 3 grandchildren. Many of Tom’s sermons are posted here on the website.


   John Begley – Program Director WSHI 98.5, Church Elder 


John Begley is the program director at WSHI radio. John is also one of our church elders. John has been a member of the Shelbyville SDA church for over 30 years. During the past 30 years, John has served in many different church offices and is also one of the adult Sabbath school teachers. John is a lifelong resident of Fairland, Indiana with his wife Tammy.




  Tammy Begley – Radio programmer WSHI 98.5, women’s ministries



Tammy has been a member at the Shelbyville SDA church for over 30 years, and has devoted many years with the Single Moms andchildren’s retreat every June. Tammy has been a member of the Indiana Seventh Day Adventist conference woman’s ministries for 13 years and the director for 6 years. Tammy also teaches one of the children’s Sabbath school classes. Tammy has 3 Daughters and 6 Grandchildren.



In Memory of those who left us too soon. Forever in our hearts

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