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  • "Staying with the Boat"

    Whenever life's storms seem to be overwhelming, the one thing that you need to do is to stay with the boat, do not abandon ship.

    Date Title Presenter
    2019-01-05 Staying_with_the_... Elder John Begley Play
  • He Paid It All

    Christmas time is a very joyous time of year however, let us not forget the real reason what Christmas is all about.

    Date Title Presenter
    2018-12-15 He_Paid_It_All.mp3 Pastor Troxell Play
  • "Do you hear what I hear?"

    How often do we not hear what the Lord is saying to us either because we don't want to or because we choose not to.

    Date Title Presenter
    2018-12-08 Do_you_hear_what_... Elder Aaron Riley Play