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  • The Warm Hearted Church

    Everyone loves a warm church and people who are genuine and kind.

    Date Title Presenter
    2017-02-18 021817_Magee.mp3 Graham Magee Play
  • Pray for the Miracle of Danie...

    When your children grow up and leave the church why do parents beat themselves up and believe that it is their own fault?

    Date Title Presenter
    2017-02-11 Pray_for_the_Miracle_of_Danile_s_Lions.mp3 Pastor Troxell Play
  • Who made you my judge

    Is it okay to point out other people's sins or judge others because of what they do?

    Date Title Presenter
    2017-02-04 Who_made_you_my_judge.mp3 Tom Hinton Play