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  • The Job of the Pastor

    The Pastor has many functions but it is up to the congregation to minister and witness for Jesus.

    Date Title Presenter
    2017-05-20 The Job of the Pastor.mp3 Pastor Troxell Play
  • Cast your Anxiety

    Humble yourself and do not worry...take everything to the Lord in Prayer, give Him all of your worries. He will truly take care of you.

    Date Title Presenter
    2017-05-13 Cast_your_Anxiety.mp3 Graham Magee Play
  • The Priesthood of all Believers

    We are all priests and ministers when we are children of God. It is up to us to minister to everyone and give them the good news of Jesus Christ and His soon return.

    Date Title Presenter
    2017-05-06 The_Priesthood_of_all_Believers.mp3 Pastor Troxell Play