Shelbyville Seventh-day Adventist Church
Shelbyville Seventh-day Adventist Church
Spreading God's Love Through His Word
Spreading God's Love Through His Word

There is power in prayer, and we want to pray for you! Please check the appropriate option listed below. Although we rarely do so, we reserve the right to edit requests. Please omit your email address if you wish to have your anonymous prayer request published. God bless! Our prayers are with you.

Please note: any request that we deem inappropriate WILL be deleted which include any advertisements or anything to do with satan and witchcraft and spells-this site is for prayer requests ONLY. Thank you

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Sabbath Time


Place: Shelbyville, IN

Start: 08:26 PM, Aug 23 2019

End: 08:25 PM, Aug 24 2019

In Memory of those who left us too soon. Forever in our hearts

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